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    *By choosing to submit this form, you certify that all the information is true and accurate. Any misrepresentation of your company on this or any other form submitted, will result in our disqualifying your company from doing business with Greenwood Gaming Corporation also known as Parx Casino®, and it's affiliates. Additionally, submission of this form does not automatically guarantee you future business.



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    Parx Casino® values ongoing win-win relationships with its suppliers who can become strategic business partners. Our objective is to team with the best suppliers and establish a long term relationship that brings quality and excellence to our customers. If your company would like to be part of our vendor database, please enroll below by clicking on the commodity category that best represents your company. You will be taken to a vendor enrollment form, which will ask for some general information about your company. Your company will be added to our vendor database, which may provide your company with an opportunity to bid on future projects at Parx Casino®. Vendors conducting business with Parx Casino® may be required to be licensed with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. View the PGCB website to review the licensing requirements. Please note that the following commodity categories are not an exhaustive list of commodities that Parx Casino® and racetrack uses. Rather, categories are illustrative of the products and services that Parx Casino & Racing purchases.

    Registration Categories


    Architects, engineers and general contractors


    Consulting, staffing, advertising, printing, repairs and maintenance, janitorial, shipping and freight

    General equipment, machinery, and Supplies

    Office supplies, audio visual, sound and lighting, computer and peripherals, security/surveillance, cell phones and restaurant kitchen

    Gaming equipment, machinery, and supplies

    Slot machines and slot signage

    Furniture, fixtures and equipment

    Artwork, carpeting, drapery, furniture, glass/mirror, upholstery, wall coverings and floor coverings

    Operating inventories and supplies

    China, glassware, flatware, linens, uniforms, cleaning chemicals, food and beverage disposables and kitchen supplies


    Maintenance and repair supplies, tools and heavy equipment


    Meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, produce, bakery items, frozen products, canned goods, dry goods, condiments and specialty items


    Wine, beer, liquor, water, coffee, tea and juices


    Logo apparel, clothing, games, souvenirs, jewelry and sundries

    Registration Criteria

    We select our vendors based on a number of different criteria defined as follows:

    1. Competitive pricing
    2. Ability to meet specifications and standards
    3. Product and service quality
    4. Reliable delivery methods
    5. Quality control methods and practices
    6. Technical abilities and leadership
    7. Financial stability and credit strength
    8. Compatibility with existing products
    9. Adequate distribution/warehousing facilities and resources
    10. Spare parts availability
    11. Warranty, insurance, and bonding provisions
    12. Proven performance and experience (references in and out of the casino industry preferred)
    13. Support resources available in a 24/7 environment

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